Today’s leadership: actions and decisions that do justice to complex challenges and the people involved.
Mirjam Boxen Consulting helps you gain a new perspective on the business and leadership that does work. Evidence-based and focused on effective action in your daily practice.


The masterclass gives you eight concrete tools for innovative leadership. In one and a half to two hours you will learn how other successful managers do it: optimally tailor their organization to the changing reality. You will learn what innovative leadership is, what it demands of you and how to effectively deal with obstacles along the way.

You will leave the masterclass with new insights and concrete tools that you can immediately apply in your organization.

Tailor made

We will work on your practical question in a tailor-made solution. We apply my expertise in innovative leadership and change management to your assignment or assignment. In a starting session we translate your strategy into concrete behavior, your ideal image into a plan and your leadership into innovative actions.

The outcome is a concrete, tailor-made development plan for your team or organization: an approach that makes your change successful.


As a strategic advisor or (program) manager, I will work on your issue for you. Key words of my approach are: committed, analytical, sincere, results-oriented and pragmatic. In recent years I have fulfilled various leadership and change roles at organizations such as KPMG, KLM and Exact.

I like to work with courageous leaders with a vision, who dare to look at what is needed at the intersection of outside and within the organization and also take themselves into account.

Innovative leadership

Do what works every day. That sounds logical if you want to move forward. But the leadership that worked five years ago no longer does so.

Innovative leadership focuses on reshaping relationships. From the one between you and the complex leadership questions of today. Of the relationships between employees – especially across teams. And on the relationship between your behavior and the innovation you are going for.

I am happy to give you the tools to develop this new leadership. Because I know – from research and practical experience – that it helps you to be effective in today’s times. Because you see opportunities in uncertain situations. To be agile. In connection with employees and other stakeholders. And certainly also with yourself. Because only if you maintain energy in your role, you will be able to lead your team or organization in change.

What can you approach me for?

  • For insight into what innovative leadership is and what it can mean for your practice. Also see: Masterclass.
  • To develop a tailor-made change plan, of which your strategy, daily innovative behavior and positive action are the pillars. Also see: Leadership Workouts.
  • For temporary support in realizing sustainable organizational change – so that your strategy gets off paper and starts working. Also see: Interim.

Curious about the possibilities? Please contact me.

Recent clients


How do you start with innovative leadership?

The art of innovative leadership is in the action.

Yes, you know that you have to investigate developments from outside the organization. That connection is important. That being ‘the boss’ does not necessarily give you more influence. But where do you start?

In my field research, I always asked the ‘College Tour question’ at the end of an interview: the interviewee’s ultimate advice to other innovative managers. It resulted in a lot of tips that have proven their value in practice. You will find the ten best in this free e-book.

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